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How to Be Safe on Your Florida Road Trip

With vaccines starting to be distributed, more people are starting to think about possible summer vacations this year. At this point, a road trip may appeal to more people than flying, plus, you have the benefit of your own car for getting around your destination. If your destination is Central Florida, we’ve got some tips for getting here safely along the way. After all of these precautions, make sure you’re also booking one of our vacation villas at FantasyWorld, a Kissimmee Florida resort that takes your safety seriously with our Healthy Stay Program that ensures your villa is clean, disinfected, and comfortable.

Experts suggest that to make your road trip as safe as possible, there are certain things you can do to help avoid possible infection — of any sort! After all, there are plenty of bugs and viruses you can pick up while travelling, so taking these extra precautions will ensure a healthier trip there and back, now and in the future. A lot of these tips are just good ideas in general when travelling.

First off, have a “toolkit” that you keep readily available in the car. These are items you’ll need any time you leave the car and need to go into rest stops, restaurants, or any place you’re likely to come into contact with others. Your kit should include multiple masks for everyone. Having multiples is best, in case of sneezing, the mask getting wet, or being in a situation where you definitely don’t feel safe reusing a mask. You should also have a bottle of hand sanitizer, either one large one for the family, or individual bottles for everyone. Just be careful about keeping family size bottles in the sun and heat, as they can lose their effectiveness. Finally, some disinfectant wipes and a box of disposable gloves should round out your safety toolkit.

Any time you have to get out of the car and are going to potentially come into contact with people, go ahead and put your masks on. Putting them on before you get out is best and wearing them, even outdoors, is recommended to lower the risk of contamination. You don’t know who just passed by and sneezed or coughed! Definitely wear a mask when going inside anywhere, even if just for a few minutes. In general, try to avoid spending time indoors at all. Now may not be the time to hit up some of the souvenir shops along the way, as tempting as it may be. Save it for another trip.

When it comes to food, take your own snacks along for shorter trips or go for the drive-through. Don’t forget to mask up when receiving the food. If you have to go inside, wear a mask and use the disposable gloves, especially when touching doors and other high-contact areas. It’s better to park in the parking lot and dine in your car with the windows down. Rest stop picnic tables are an option, but not ideal, as they’re not going to be cleaned between uses.

Speaking of rest stops or any public bathrooms, a mask is a must, because of the spray from toilets that can spread all sorts of things. Try to limit your contact with any surface and keep your distance from others. If you’re limber, use your foot to flush the toilet or use a paper towel or gloves. Be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap and consider keeping gloves or paper towels on hand for turning faucets on and off. It’s also better to use paper towels to dry your hands than the hot air blowers, which can just blow any virus around. When you get back to the car, you probably want to finish off with some hand sanitizer to be on the safe side.

Finally, you’re probably going to have to stop for gas at some point. Gas pumps are high-contact areas, so this is a great time to use gloves and be careful about what you touch. Limit contact as much as possible. You may also want to use disinfecting wipes on the handle and any touchpads or other surfaces you will need to touch. Of course, wear your mask, putting it on in the car before you get out, and if possible, pay for your gas at the pump, thus limiting your contact with others. When done, remove the gloves carefully to avoid coming into contact with contaminated areas and throw them away immediately. Then make sure you use hand sanitizer once you’re finished.

It’s a good idea to travel with the windows down as much as possible, as fresh air decreases the amount of time a virus can float around in a car. However, it won’t help if someone is already infected, so also make sure you get tested before travelling.

Finally, make sure you stay somewhere that takes your safety seriously. FantasyWorld, a Kissimmee Florida resort, has an extensive Healthy Stay Program that starts from the moment you check in and continues through your whole stay. You can even prepare your own meals with groceries delivered by Publix in the full kitchens available in our vacation villas. So if you’re planning a road trip to Florida, follow these tips, make a reservation with us, and you’ll be going a long way to ensuring a safe trip for your immediate family. Plus, don’t forget that a lot of these tips are just good sense, even when at home. Stay safe and have a great time!

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