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How a Trip to Universal Orlando Can Be Educational for Kids

Don’t tell your kids, but a visit to Universal Orlando can be educational as well as fun! Kids can learn about science, math, history, art, literature and geography with a visit to the Universal parks. Even a stay at FantasyWorld Resorts, in one of our vacation villas in Kissimmee FL has its own perks with crafts and other activities and our villas have plenty of space to find a fun way to teach them a little about everything from dinosaurs to roller coasters.

In fact roller coasters are a great way to add some learning in with the entertainment. It might take a bit of research on your part if  you don’t remember your physics lessons but this just means it’s educational for the whole family! Take an opportunity before you visit to explain how roller coasters work and why people can go upside down. It may even help kids – and adults – who may be nervous about riding, feel more comfortable going on rides like Rip Ride Rockit.

Before visiting Revenge of the Mummy, have your kids do some research about ancient Egypt and mummies. When you get to the ride, ask them about how the attraction uses real history to enhance the experience. Depending on the age of your kids, they may not even know that mummies, pyramids, and more are all real – though usually less animated!

Go even further back in time with Jurassic Park Discovery Center. There’s plenty of interactive information and experiences on hand to serve as a learning experience on its own, including the T. Rex skeleton and “hatching” dinosaur eggs, but feel free to add any additional information you might have or let your kid tell you what they already know if they’ve already discovered a fascination with dinosaurs. Plus, this is a great indoor spot to go to during the afternoon when temperatures really start to climb.

If you’re trying to encourage your children to read more, or if they like to draw, a visit to Marvel Super Hero Island is a must. If your kids aren’t interested in reading books, they may feel differently about comic books and from there they may feel more comfortable and develop a love of reading. The bookstore at Seuss Landing may also be of interest. Additionally, if your kids enjoy drawing, you can talk about how some of the superheroes are drawn by artists who have learned about proportion, anatomy, perspective, and more to create both realistic and over-the-top imagery. Encourage your children to learn to draw all kinds of things so that they understand the foundations to then go on and create their own unique pieces.

These are just a few ways a visit to Universal Orlando can combine education and entertainment. By showing your kids that education can be fun and all around you, they may view learning in a new light. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with just having fun, and the vacation villas in Kissimmee FL at FantasyWorld Resort are perfect for always having fun. Make your reservations today!

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