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Holiday Vacation Travel Survival Tips

Visiting new or favorite locations on vacation is the part everyone loves. It’s the getting there that isn’t so much fun these days, whether you’re driving or flying. Flight delays, stop-and-start traffic, and even packing all create stress. However, with some thoughtful planning, including choosing one of the Fantasy World vacation rentals in Kissimmee, you’ll be more likely to survive the trials and tribulations of travel so that you can fully enjoy your vacation.

It always pays to do your research in advance, especially when travelling around the holidays. Find out which days are the busiest and try to go a day or two before or after when possible, whether driving or flying. Even better, travel early on the actual day of the holiday if that’s an option. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year, but Thanksgiving Day tends to be much quieter, obviously. Similarly, if you’re going to be driving, it may be worth it to find smaller back roads rather than only taking highways and interstates, which are likely to be busy. Less-travelled roads may take longer in theory, but could turn out to be faster when you’re not stuck in endless lines of traffic.

No matter which mode of transport, try to start as early as possible. Morning flights are less likely to be delayed and if there is a problem, it’s easier to get another flight that day. As for driving, go to bed early the night before and get a super early start. You’ll avoid a lot of traffic and make good time. Just make sure you’re not hitting any major cities right at rush hour.

Other research includes checking with the airlines ahead of time on any restrictions, especially if you’ll be taking gifts. For example, choose gift bags over wrapped gifts, as there’s the chance the gifts may be examined. There are also certain items that can’t be taken into the cabin but can go in the hold or vice versa, so always do your homework. This is a time when you can probably be forgiven for not putting more thought into a gift and just give a gift card instead. You could also consider shipping any gifts in advance.

Don’t discount the importance of staying fed and hydrated. Pack snacks with you and always try to keep a bottle of water on hand. When you’re stomach is growling, you’re likely to start growling, too, making life more tense and unpleasant for everyone. Make sure you have something to eat in case you get stuck on the tarmac if your flight is delayed and always keep some snacks handy when travelling by car for those long, boring stretches where civilization seems to have disappeared. Fortunately, there are apps to help you find cheap gas and clean bathrooms and somewhere to grab refreshments when you’re on the road. Gas Buddy and the bluntly named SitOrSquat are a couple of these apps.

Another app for those flying is GateGuru, which gives you an idea of just how long security is going to take at the airport. Always try to be prepared and leave as much time as possible to deal with the unexpected.

Also, make sure you keep some ear plugs and sleep masks on hand for flights and drives, as they can do wonders to help you tune out all the noise and annoyances.

If you’re going to be staying in Central Florida, consider one of the vacation rentals in Kissimmee at Fantasy World. They offer spacious villas that sleep six, include a washer and dryer, and even have a full kitchen. This kind of space and convenience goes a long way to keeping everyone happy, healthy, and in a positive holiday mood.

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