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Holiday Road Trip Hacks

If you’ve planned a trip to Central Florida for the holidays, you’ve probably already booked your Kissimmee vacation resort at FantasyWorld. After all, where else can you get a resort with plenty of activities and attractions for all ages, tons of bedroom space and even a full kitchen, all within easy access to the wide variety of things to see and do in the area, from theme parks to beaches. Plus, by driving, it means you can visit even more places easily, seeing some of the gems that only locals usually know. So if you’re planning on driving to Florida, here are some road trip hacks to make your trip a little more enjoyable, especially with kids.

If at least one of the drivers is a night owl, your best bet is to do as much of the driving at night, letting the kids sleep through most of the trip. That cuts down drastically on the amount of time you need to keep them entertained. Even if they start off excited, they’ll probably fall asleep soon enough.

However, try to make sure the driver has had plenty of rest beforehand. You don’t want to risk a sleepy driver. In fact, whether you’re sharing the driving or just one person is responsible, make sure that person is the main concern. If they get tired, let them rest and even take a nap if necessary. Ideally, there should be two drivers to take planned turns to ensure the driver is clear headed.

If you don’t want to drive all night, but could deal with getting up very early, that’s the next best alternative. Have the car ready to go, including blankets and pillows for the kids, so that if you leave at 3 a.m., you can just pick up the kids and be ready to go. Keep them in their pjs and they’ll probably soon fall back to sleep for a while. Breakfast is a great time to stop and give the driver a break, or just hit the drive-thru if you don’t feel like stopping.

Try to avoid major cities during rush hours, whether it’s morning, midday, or evening. Knowing where you’ll be around these times of day can play a part in what time you leave. If you can’t avoid one, consider using that time to take a break and stop for a nicer meal or look for a nearby park where the kids can burn off some energy. A bit of exercise will be good for the parents, too, helping shake off the car stupor.

While it might be tempting to load up on electronics to keep your kids occupied, consider scaling back or limiting the time. Encourage them to play some of the old-fashioned games that make them use their imagination or be more aware of their surroundings. Take turns telling a story with each person adding a few lines, perhaps inspired by something they’ve seen. The sillier the story gets, the better, and it will keep everyone interested and entertained.

You may want to look for crafts that can be done in the car. Origami kits are available, friendship bracelets are fun and easy to make, and coloring books are always an easy choice, as long as it doesn’t cause motion sickness.

Speaking of motion sickness, don’t forget to be prepared for emergencies. Hopefully you know already if your child gets sick from reading or coloring or doing certain other things in a car and you can offer safer alternatives or provide the appropriate medicine if necessary. In general, you should carry extra food, water, and blankets, especially if you’re coming from colder climes and may deal with snow along the way. You may also want to keep a bag with wet wipes, large zip-lock bags for holding clothes if there’s an accident, and of course, a change of clothes. Add in any other items that you think may be appropriate for you and your children. Having one bag where you know you can find everything makes those emergencies easier to deal with. Don’t forget to keep any emergency numbers stored in your phone, especially road-side emergency service numbers, just in case.

Start the trip knowing you’re likely going to need to devote more time to keeping your kids entertained and happy. Even if it lengthens your trip, scheduling breaks to run around and work off some energy will make it worthwhile in the long run. Then, when you arrive at your Kissimmee vacation resort at FantasyWorld, you and your kids will be greeted by a wonderful place to relax, play, get in the holiday spirit, and get out and explore. If you haven’t made your reservations, book now!

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