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Happy Road Tripping with an Infant

Hopefully, you’re blessed with an infant who falls asleep almost immediately on any car ride. That can make a longer road trip much easier. However, if you’re not that lucky or just need some distractions for when baby is awake, there are a number of things you can do to keep everyone happy and sane. If you’re staying at one of the Fantasy World resorts in Kissimmee Florida, at least you’ve got something to look forward to at the end of the drive, no matter how it goes!

First and foremost, be prepared that there’s going to be some inevitable meltdown, diaper accident, or some other issue that becomes more difficult when there’s a baby on board. By accepting that in advance, it can help you deal with things that come up along the way and hopefully prevent you from having your own meltdown.

If your child falls asleep fairly easily at night, consider starting your trip at night. While this can be more difficult for the parents, it can minimize the amount of time the baby is awake. Go through the whole bedtime ritual, down to any songs or stories, but put the baby into the car seat, instead of the bed, and start your trip. Just be sure to take turns, and do whatever is needed to avoid driving while drowsy.

Another option is to have one parent driving and the other in the back seat with the baby, switching out as needed. This makes sure the baby isn’t feeling lost and can always see at least one parent. Plus, it makes it easier to feed and play with the baby along the way. Of course, if the baby goes down for a nap, the parent in the back should also take that opportunity to grab some Zs as well.

Be sure to break up the trip, rather than making a marathon of it, and definitely skip the scenic route. You want the fastest route from point A to point B. The more frequent stops will make it easier to feed and change the baby on a more consistent basis, and it also lets the baby take a break from the restraints. Consider learning some baby massage techniques, as well, especially for the legs and feet, which can get uncomfortable on long rides.

Ideally, try to keep as many of the baby’s necessary items within easy reach during the trip. Even if you’re stopping more frequently, not all stops are the same. You may prefer to have your own portable changing pad with you rather than use some of the options at rest stops and public bathrooms. A good-sized tote with the changing pad, a handful of diapers, baby wipes, pre-portioned bottles of breast milk or formula in a cooler bag, a forehead thermometer, baby ibuprofen, and a few small but versatile toys will get you through much of the trip without having to dig through the rest of the luggage. If you do find somewhere decent to stop, you can simply grab the bag and go.

Finally, if things are not going well, give yourself permission to stop along the way, whether for a few hours or even an extra night. It’s better to get everyone calm and happy rather than risk an accident resulting from stress and distractions. At least when you finally get to one of the resorts in Kissimmee Florida, you’ll have a comfortable place to rest, relax, and have fun, baby included!

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