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Halloween Fun at FantasyWorld

People are already getting into the Halloween spirit at the various theme parks throughout Orlando and the surrounding area. If you’re planning your own visit, make sure you stay at the FantasyWorld villas in Kissimmee. We add new meaning to our name at Halloween with our own Haunted House and more.

Staying at FantasyWorld is a great choice over Halloween, because our spacious villas offer plenty of room to get decked out in fantastic costumes. Whether you’re going out or staying  at the resort for some fun and games and a few frights, you couldn’t ask for a better location and setting.

Running through October 31st, guests and members of the public are invited to tour the Horrowitch Family Manor and Family Cemetery. This is no normal family manor. Here you’ll find ghouls, ghosts, goblins, werewolves, and enough gore to keep your spine tingling — or is that an otherworldly nail scraping down your spine, inviting you to join the Horrowitch horrors!

The tours — should you dare — take place daily from 6-9 pm in the activities building on the second floor. Don’t let the location fool you! It’s creepy up there! Fortunately, it’s also free with your resort guest band that’s given out at check in — but the wristband won’t save you from the Horrowitch family! Also, masks are recommended if you’re not fully vaccinated. They might save you from ghouls — and viruses — or at least muffle your screams!

The Second Annual Haunted House at FantasyWorld is just one of the many ways we make sure our guests always have plenty of ways to enjoy themselves, even if scaring yourself silly is your idea of fun! For those not so inclined, we still offer plenty of regular human activities including movie nights, games, sports, and much more. Plus, you’re within easy reach of the various theme parks that are celebrating everything from Halloween to Disney World’s 50th Anniversary! We also offer special theme park deals so be sure to book your reservations today for the luxurious FantasyWorld villas in Kissimmee. You won’t have any frights in our villas, just a good night’s sleep.

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