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Hair Care Tips for Summer Swimming

On a hot summer day, there’s little better than splish splashing the day away by the pool. Kissimmee FL resorts like Fantasy World are the perfect vacation location, because as well as their proximity to all of the great Central Florida attractions, they have their own water park for all ages to enjoy. However, while you may be happy at the end of the day, your hair may not be. Your hair gets exposed to intense sun and the chemicals in the pool, resulting in dry, brittle, and sometimes even green hair! Here are some tips to help keep your hair looking healthy after swimming.

Get a Wet Start. It may seem counterintuitive — or a waste of time — but before you hit the pool or the beach, get your hair wet. By fully saturating your hair with clean water, your hair is less able to soak up the chemicals and salt in pool and ocean water. If you’re spending the day by a pool that has showers nearby, go ahead and rinse out and re-saturate throughout the day.

Apply a Color Coating. If you’ve recently colored your hair, sun and chlorine will quickly fade your fantastic color, but the mighty coconut oil can come to the rescue. To protect your color, apply a light coat of coconut or jojoba oil to your hair before giving it a clean-water soak before heading out to the pool or beach. Not only is this great for protecting your color, it also helps prevent dry ends.

Cover Up. No matter how often you pre- and post-swim rinse, chlorine can be challenging for your locks, especially for light-color hair that suddenly end up with a green tint. For the ultimate in protection, a swim cap can’t be beat. If you’re feeling self-conscious, make it part of your whole look and get a retro-style swimsuit and pair it with a retro-style swim cap for a knock-out look.

Clean and Clarify. Kissimmee FL resorts like Fantasy World are great, because you can spend the day enjoying the variety of water park activities on site, but still take a break in your own vacation villa during the hottest part of the day. To protect your hair, a good rinse after each swim is always best, but at least hit the shower at the end of the day and give your hair a really good cleaning to try to get the salt and chemicals out. You should also consider a clarifying treatment to get rid of any build-up from chemicals and treatments. Don’t forget to condition your hair, too. A deep conditioner or even a leave-in conditioner with SPF will help keep your locks soft and silky.

With a bit of pre-planning and awareness, your hair will look as relaxed and happy as you at the end of your summer vacation.

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