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Grocery Travel Tips

In these current times, the option to prepare your own meals and not have to dine out all the time while on vacation is increasingly popular. That’s why the Kissimmee vacation villas at FantasyWorld are ideal. Our spacious villas sleep six and have a full kitchen so that you can prepare snacks to take with you while you’re out or prepare whole meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Still, with such a fantastic option, it does help to do some planning in advance to make the most of it. These tips should help you get the most out of it.

It helps to know in advance where any grocery stores are in relation to where you’re staying. Check their websites in advance, especially if it’s a different chain from what you’re used to, and get to know what they offer before you leave on vacation. Anyone staying at FantasyWorld will be pleased to know that the Publix chain of grocery stores actually delivers to the resort, making things even easier for you. You do need to be in your villas for the delivery, though.

If you have family members that are particular about certain brands, you may want to pack some harder-to-find brands if possible. You may also want to consider packing smaller travel amounts of certain herbs, spices, etc. for specific meals, rather than having to buy everything brand new in larger quantities than you’ll need.

Of course, all of this means you should make a rough meal plan before you go and create a shopping list with everything you’ll need to prepare each dish. This is where you can determine if there are some items you have on hand that you can pack to take with you, rather than buying, as well as how you can make the most out of ingredients so you don’t have a lot of leftovers at the end of your trip.

Still, there are certain items you probably want to buy more of than you think you’ll need. Snacks, like chips and such, which tend to be eaten more on vacation, go faster than you’d think. The same goes for drinks of all kinds. It’s better to have a few left over than to need to do a grocery store run on your last day.

By creating a list before you go, you can continue to add to it up until you’re ready to finally order your groceries online or in person. You’ll probably think of things each day, leading up to your trip, so try to plan in advance, as much as possible. It also lets each family member get a favorite item so there’s less arguing.

Being able to take advantage of the full kitchen in the Kissimmee vacation villas at FantasyWorld gives you so many opportunities and choices. You can pack picnic lunches and snacks for days at the park and make your own healthy — or simply favorite — breakfasts and dinners, without worrying about finding nearby restaurants. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t eat out, it just gives you more dining options depending on your mood. Plus, you’ll probably end up saving money by preparing some of your own meals, which is often an issue during vacation. All of those meals out can add up. So start planning your grocery list for your stay at the wonderful vacation villas at FantasyWorld, your new home away from home in Central Florida.

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