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Fun Pool Games for Kids

When planning your Central Florida vacation, you may be tempted to book into a hotel in Orlando, thinking it will be more convenient. Yet once a family of four or more gets packed into a hotel room, it starts to feel like a sardine can instead of a relaxing vacation. However, Kissimmee resorts like Fantasy World are an excellent alternative. They have spacious, affordable villas and they also offer a wealth of entertainment and attractions, including their own water park with plenty of pools for all ages. If your kids are still at the age where they need some supervision, but can play on their own, there are plenty of fun pool games to keep them entertained while letting parents sit back and relax.

If you have a big enough group of kids or your kids have made friends with fellow guests, they can play a game of Popsicle. One person is “it” and can go around “freezing” people if they tag them. The person tagged has to stand in the pool with their arms up in the air. However, to avoid being tagged, you have to stay submerged. You can only be tagged when you come up for air. You can also untag one person while you’re underwater.

Another version of pool tag is called Shark. One person designated as the shark starts in the deep end of the pool, while the minnows start in the shallow end. The goal is for every minnow to make their way down the pool to the deep end and touch the pool wall. You can play it so that anyone tagged is out, or anyone tagged then joins the shark and can tag others. Just make sure everyone is comfortable in the deep end.

For little ones who aren’t strong swimmers, you can create some fun noodle boats with a little pre-planning. Buy a pool noodle and slice it into one-inch rings. Then take plastic straws that you’ve cut into halves or thirds and place one end into the flat part of the ring to act as a mast and use a triangle cut from foam sheets to create the sail, sliding it over the straw. Because they’re lightweight and don’t take up much space, especially when taken apart, you can make them ahead of vacation and take them with you. Put them together and let the little ones have fun floating them along or even racing them.

The water park and splash pad at Fantasy World are among the many reasons people choose to stay in Kissimmee resorts. With the onsite activities for young and old, as well as the easy access to all of the major theme parks, why not take advantage of plenty of space in a great setting.

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