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Food Trucks Arrive at Downtown Disney

Fantasy World Resort Orlando

It appears that the trendy food truck scene is going to be part of Downtown Disney’s makeover into Disney Springs. This is a great way to add to your culinary adventures during your stay at Fantasy World Resort Orlando.

Food trucks are popular because they are convenient and allow for an easily-available assortment of cuisines, from casual to gourmet. So if your family includes both fussy eaters and those with an “I’ll try anything” attitude toward food, you can likely all get what you want at Disney’s new Food Truck Park.

Disney’s first-ever food truck festival held in June included 14 trucks dishing out yummy on-the-go sandwiches, empanadas, pupusas, barbecue, gator bites, seafood, tacos, cupcakes and more. Local trucks shared their mouth-watering offerings with Disney’s official trucks. Fantasy World Resort Orlando guests who couldn’t eat everything they wanted at the festival brought things back to their vacation villa to eat later.

The new Food Truck Park (scheduled to open later this summer) will be situated between Bongos Cuban Café and the new Starbucks. It will serve as a permanent home to the four Disney food trucks. Though it’s not official, we expect the flexibility of food trucks will allow Disney to add different trucks (or mobile kitchens) to meet demands of both volume and variety.

A spokesperson for the attraction said, “The trucks give us immense flexibility to bolster food service at the park during peak times.” That means even when the parks are crowded, you’ll be able to get delicious food without a long wait.

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