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Family Travel Packing Tips

Packing for a family vacation can be challenging, trying to make sure you have enough clothes and the right clothes, without overpacking. Plus, there are all of the other miscellaneous items  that may range from toothbrushes to teddy bears. Fortunately, when you stay at FantasyWorld, one of the leading Kissimmee vacation resorts, you have a lot of perks that can make packing easier.

Ideally, sit down and make a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need. You can always keep this list and save it to use for future vacations, saving you work in the future, just adjusting for location.

If your kids are old enough, go ahead and let them get involved and help take some of the pressure off you. Have them pick out an outfit for every day, including underwear and socks. You should also do the same. Try to aim for outfits that can easily mix and match to give you some freedom, depending on your mood. You may also want to pack an extra outfit with a top and a bottom that can easily be swapped out individually or together in case of a major mess. Fortunately, if you’re staying for a while, you’ll find a washer and dryer included in every villa, so you can always do laundry and cut down on the amount of clothing you pack.

For kids, you may want to pack each of their outfits in a plastic bag so that they can easily grab what they want without digging through or dumping out the whole suitcase. This also makes unpacking at the resort easier. You could mark the spare outfit and keep it in a bag or tote that you take with you in case of emergencies. It will also protect the clothing from any spills or oils from sunscreen and sanitizer in your bag.

Try to limit shoes wherever possible. You’re mostly just going to need a good pair of walking shoes, though you may want some sandals or water-safe shoes if you’re going to the beach or one of the lakes, or hanging out by our water park. Depending on where you’re planning on dining, kids can probably get away with more casual shoes, but adults may need a decent pair of shoes if you plan a nicer meal out some evening. Of course, to help make that nice meal more affordable, we offer full kitchens so that you can prepare your own breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for some meals to save money and give you a break from fast food or expensive meals.

Try to make these plans in advance, even if you don’t pack everything right away. You can keep the necessary clothing to one side potentially but leave it available if needed before the trip. Meanwhile, keep a list on the fridge or anywhere else handy for last-minute ideas or things you need to get before the trip. It’s also handy for the kind of last-minute things you have to pack like phone chargers, medicine, makeup, masks, toothbrushes, etc. Don’t forget some quiet games and activities for the kids to keep them entertained if you’re flying or driving.

Fortunately, if you do forget something, Publix grocery store does deliver (you need to be on site to receive the delivery) and you can always purchase other items if necessary. However, by planning out each day, it will make it easier to ensure you have everything and your final checklist will further ensure nothing gets left behind. You can use your lists as you get ready to return home, as well, to make sure nothing is forgotten in your villa. Make the most of the laundry in the villas, too, so you have less work to do when you get home. With plenty of space and so many amenities and attractions, you’ll be happy you stayed at FantasyWorld and you’ll understand why it’s such a popular choice for Kissimmee vacation resorts.

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