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Experiencing Disney With Toddlers

Disney and toddlers go together like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They’re at a perfect age to start appreciating seeing their favorite characters, not to mention the fun of the rides and all of the magic of Disney World. However, it can still be a lot for toddlers to take in and they can get overwhelmed by it all. It’s a good idea to have a plan in place and take your toddler’s usual schedule into consideration. A stay at FantasyWorld, one of the leading Kissimmee resorts, can be an excellent option when you or your toddler need a break, but still want to have fun, plus they have special theme park packages.

Your kids are going to want everything they see, so be prepared and include souvenirs in your budget. One thing that your toddlers are likely to see is other toddlers wearing costumes. While you can buy them at Disney, they are much more expensive than if you find costumes at shops at home. Consider packing them in  your own luggage and surprising your toddler(s) with their costumes and even consider multiple costumes if you’re going to be there for multiple days. While FantasyWorld does have a washer and dryer, not all of the costumes will stand up to a washing.

Even with a toddler, check out the Baby Care Centers throughout Disney World. Orlando is hot much of the year and being out in the sun all day can drain adults, much less kids. These centers provide you a place to cool off, use the restrooms and other amenities, such as changing tables, rocking chairs, nursing areas and movies. They also sell Pedialyte to help your kids avoid dehydration. Parents should remember to stay hydrated, as well.

It’s important to keep your child’s mobility and stamina in mind. The parks are big and kids inevitably get tired. Strollers are handy, but you do have to park them outside of ride areas, which can be a hassle. Baby/toddler carriers are useful if the child isn’t too heavy. You can also rent a stroller at the park, but you’ll still likely need one for other outings, so either take your own with you on the trip or rent one while there.

Make sure you have a plan ahead of time for the rides that are appropriate for your toddler. There are lots of lists online that offer great recommendations and pros and cons, to help with your research. Don’t forget, children have to be a certain height to get on some rides. However, if you have a tall child, that doesn’t necessarily mean the ride is appropriate. This is why it’s so important to do the research and make sure you have the list with you, because some rides are deceptively dark, bumpy, and scary and you don’t want a toddler meltdown in the middle of a ride!

Finally, despite the prevalence of camera phones, consider getting the Memory Maker PhotoPass option. You’ll get quality photos and be able to get the whole family in them more often. They also take a lot of photos, so you’re bound to get funny ones and framable ones, all while being able to enjoy the moment.

These are just a few tips to consider when visiting Disney with a toddler. If you can manage a trip before your child turns three, remember that children under three get in free. It may be worth it, especially if your child is close to three and may be old enough to enjoy it. No matter the age, make sure you book your reservation to stay at FantasyWorld, one of the entertaining Kissimmee resorts that offer a wealth of space for the whole family, including a full kitchen, as well as pools, water rides, games, crafts, and much more. It’s a great place to go back to after a day at Disney, take a break and then enjoy the onsite fun!

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