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What to Expect at the Epcot Arts Festival

For the second year in a row, the Epcot International Festival of the Arts showcases art, food, and more from around the world. This Epcot Arts Festival offers a unique way to experience and interact with the art and attractions. The event runs through February 19, so here are some tips on what to expect and what not to miss.

From grand visual displays to Broadway-style concerts to artist stalls to culinary works of art, the Festival of the Arts is even bigger than the first incarnation and runs full time, not just weekends. One of the biggest draws last year was the Artful Photo, larger-than-life reproductions of famous works of art that allow visitors to insert themselves into the artworks. The photo opportunities and the sense of immersion are what make this attraction so hugely popular. The number of artworks has increased this year, and now includes Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, as well as an homage to Frida Kahlo.

If these artworks inspire you to try your own hand at some art, you can take part in the paint-by-numbers murals. There are seven massive murals — six feet tall and sixty feet long — placed throughout the park. When the festival is over, these murals will become part of the park’s regular display.

For a fee, visitors will also have the opportunity to create marbled-print scarves or their own T-shirts, or if you prefer, you can admire and purchase the work of 81 artists who will be showcasing their work primarily around the World Showcase.

Along with the visual arts, there will be plenty of performances, including the three-a-day Broadway concert series featuring performers from Disney’s Broadway musicals. In addition, dinner packages can be purchased for any of the evening concerts.

Speaking of food, the 13 food studios that are set up for the event are focusing on the arts aspect of culinary arts. While the food may take a little longer to prepare, thanks to the focus on the techniques, it will be a real work of art when you receive it. These are dishes that are definitely worth an Instagram picture or two!

These are just a few of the highlights of the Epcot Arts Festival this year. Community arts groups, special performances at the Fountain Stage, living statues, and so much more will be on display. The festival center is in the Odyssey building near the Mexico pavilion, but there are attractions spread throughout the park. Don’t miss this artistic event that will leave you amazed and inspired!

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