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Essentials for a Fantastic Family Road Trip

This summer, if you’re planning a road trip to Florida, make sure you stay at Fantasy World, one of the outstanding Kissimmee resorts with its own water park and other fun amenities. A stay at Fantasy World is a vacation in its own right, plus you’re within easy access of the beaches, theme parks, and more for which Central Florida is famous. Best of all, with some planning, the road trip itself can be its own part of the family fun.

If any of your family suffers from bad motion sickness, long road trips may not be the best option, but for shorter ones, make sure you have motion sickness medicine or whatever works best for your family, along with specially made sick bags, and some small grocery store bags.

Speaking of bags, always carry a bunch of extra bags with you in a variety of materials, sizes, closures, etc. Paper bags, sealable bags, grocery store bags, sandwich bags and more come in handy for everything from food storage to trash containers to craft projects. They’re also great for gathering up all of the loose odds and ends that show up in the car when you finally reach your destination.

Reusable containers are great for giving you the option to buy snacks for the road in large sizes and then divide them up easily so there’s less squabbling about who ate how much. It helps to let the kids pick out some of their favorite road-trip treats, such as cheese crackers, grapes, celery, berries, almonds, trail mix, etc. For a special treat (or bribe) pack a few treats like lollipops or cookies. Also, make sure everyone has reusable water bottles, as they can be helpful on the road trip and at your destination, especially in warm weather when it’s important to stay hydrated. If it helps, let the kids pick their own favorite style of water bottle to encourage them to use it.

Depending on your vehicle, you could look for some movies for the whole family to enjoy. You’ll often find $5 bins of classic films and cartoons for some cheap options or pick a few family favorites you already own.

Of course, it’s always important to have plenty of activities for the kids to keep them happy and entertained. Create your own activity packs with special coloring sheets, license plate bingo, Mad Libs, or fun print-out games some tourism websites may have for your destination or the states you’re passing through. You can also purchase coloring books, sticker books, activity books, and plain journals that kids can write and draw in along the way.

Finally, don’t forget to pack certain basics like tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels, sun screen, and maybe have a change of clothes on hand for younger kids. Also, don’t forget to check in advance that your route is clear of construction, your car is filled up, oil checked, tires pumped, and the spare tire is good to go.

By packing certain basics and then customizing your packing to take into account your own family’s hobbies, interests, and breaking points, you have a great chance of creating a fun family road trip. Don’t forget to stop at some of the roadside attractions. Not only can they be a lot of fun, they’re also a great way to stretch your legs and burn off some energy. By the time you reach one of the Kissimmee resorts like Fantasy World, you’re more likely to still be smiling and ready to start the next leg of your adventure.

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