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Don’t Make These First Timer Disney Mistakes

Walt Disney World is so much more than a theme park. With character visits, special meals, iconic rides, Instagram-ready backgrounds and more, there’s a lot to take in. If you haven’t been before it’s important to do some research and planning ahead of time so you don’t end up disappointed. One good thing to do when planning a visit is making a reservation at FantasyWorld, a unique resort in Kissimmee. FantasyWorld provides you with plenty of space in your own vacation villa, as well as fun and games and even a water park on site!

  • First, don’t feel like you’re missing out if you don’t visit every attraction and get every add-on. You probably know plenty of people who have gone already and have posted pictures all over social media, with talk of meet-and-greets, passes, Genies and Dole Whips. While you probably do want to try the Dole Whip if it sounds tasty to you, think about what you and your kids would enjoy the most and focus on those elements. You’re there to build your own memories, so don’t worry about creating a “perfect” experience, just have a fun one. Don’t feel that you need every add-on that is offered. There’s more than enough to enjoy.


  • Before you go, take a look at the weather forecast, so you can pack accordingly. If you’ve never been to Florida, you probably won’t realize just how hot and humid it can be. If you go during the summer, pack lightweight, potentially moisture-wicking clothing to make your visit more comfortable. In the winter, be prepared for humidity still, as well as massive swings in temperature. The mornings may start off cold, but by afternoon you may be ready for shorts and a t-shirt. Layering while avoiding bulk is important and you really need to plan for it so that you’re not wilting after a few hours at the park.


  • Don’t just wing it with the food. It’s handy to take along some of your own snacks, which you can prepare in the full kitchens at FantasyWorld Resort. When it comes time for meals, your best bet is to avoid things like pizza and hamburgers, and go for something a little more adventurous. Part of the reason is that the basics are often not worth the price when it comes to quality. The nicer restaurants are also likely to be less busy and tend to give you better quality for your money.


  • Get up early! It really is best to get to Disney in time for the opening, as the crowds are smaller and you can get on rides faster. The first two hours are usually the best and are a good time to visit some rides you really want to try. Just make sure you allow enough time to travel, especially if you’re taking any shuttles that may make other stops.


It truly is worthwhile to do some planning before you go, and look for tips on what extras are really worth it for your family. Definitely make a plan for which rides and attractions each member of the family most wants to experience so everyone gets something special. That said, don’t try to over-plan. That just leads to disappointment and stress. Plan your basics, but then be flexible, as the reality of Disney is sure to offer much more than you expected. Go with the flow and have fun!

Part of that planning should definitely include reservations at FantasyWorld, a fantastic resort in Kissimmee that offers plenty of fun things to do right in the resort, making it perfect for an entertaining but relaxing day off between or after all of the park visits. You’ve earned it!

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