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Disney-Themed Games for Kids on a Road Trip

“Are we there yet?”

Every kid has said it and every parent has heard it. When you’re on a road trip to Disney or one of the nearby resorts in Kissimmee FL, the excitement level keeps kids anxious to see Mickey and friends. The car ride may seem like it’s taking an eternity, and with grumpy, bored kids, the ride may feel just as long for the parents. To keep your kids entertained, here are a few Disney-themed games and activities to help pass the time.

Disney Bingo
You can purchase ready-made bingo cards and you can also find printable Disney-themed bingo cards online. This is an easy game for car rides and for added fun, you can get special stickers or stamps for the markers.

Memory Games
One handy tip for any car trip is to make sure you take along a large baking tray with edges. This serves as a great tabletop for games and general fun time. You can purchase Disney-themed matching or memory games in which colorful cards are set out and children have to find matching pairs, remembering where they might have seen a tile during a previous flip. This game has the added benefit of helping develop your child’s memory.

Guessing Games & Spelling Bees
Here’s a simple game that doesn’t require any special toys to take up valuable space in your car. If your children are old enough to spell, create a spelling bee challenge using Disney-themed words. Alternatively, you could combine the spelling bee with a “Who Am I?” game, giving clues to a character that they have to guess before then having to spell the character’s name. Both games are great, whether played on their own or combined, as they’re fun and educational.

Disney certainly has no shortage of songs that children love to sing. Singing along to their favorite songs is sure to help keep them entertained, no matter how long the trip. Plus, as parents, you get to play DJ, creating playlists that include your favorite songs and somehow seem to miss those songs that you just can’t listen to ever again.

Before you know it, you’ll be at one of the resorts in Kissimmee FL, such as Fantasy World, where there’s certainly no shortage of activities to keep you entertained right there in the resort.

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