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Disney Souvenirs That Won’t Break the Bank

A trip to Disney World isn’t the most inexpensive vacation to take, but there are ways to do Disney on a budget and still have a great time. For one thing, staying at a Fantasy World Kissimmee vacation villa ensures plenty of comfort and a wealth of amenities, including swim parks, providing other entertainment options besides the more expensive theme parks. However, while you are at Disney, your children are sure to want some mementos to take home. Fortunately, there are ways to get some fantastic souvenirs that don’t cost a fortune.

When you get to Disney, you’ll see plenty of kids wearing costumes of their favorite characters. If that’s something you think your child will want to do, it’s best to buy your costume before you go, as they’re much cheaper outside of the Disney gift shops. You can always surprise your child with the costume on your first day there to make it more special and memorable.

Another idea is to purchase a memory book that you can fill with photos from your trip, as well as autographs from your child’s favorite characters. Most Disney characters will give autographs as you see them in the park, but you can also schedule meet-and-greets with MyMagic+. Don’t forget to take photos of your children getting the autographs, and if they want, they can probably get a hug, too!

Another item to add to your scrapbook are pictures of the many Hidden Mickeys throughout the theme park. The Imagineers who design and update the park sneak in various silhouettes of those famous ears and Mickey’s iconic head throughout the park, so make a game of finding as many as you can. They can be anywhere, even what looks like a knothole on a dock. So keep your eyes peeled!

Pressed pennies remain a favorite souvenir for all ages. For just 50 cents and a penny, you can get your own pressed penny souvenir and choose from a number of different images. You’ll find the coin presses at various locations around Disney.

Finally, don’t miss out on the Disney Pins. Let your child pick out a few pins at the start of the visit and then let the trading and swapping begin. Guests can trade up to two pins a day with any cast member, and of course kids can swap with other guests. Just make sure you read up on the pin trading etiquette before you go. The pins and the memories associated with getting them are great — and inexpensive — souvenirs of your family trip.

While your kids may beg for stops in the many gift stores, it’s probably best to avoid most of them during the day. Either save it for the end of the day or the end of the trip so that they’ve had time to think about what they really want — and are maybe a little more tired and won’t feel the need to spend hours in the gift store. Try to budget for at least one slightly more expensive souvenir that you’re sure your child will enjoy, and make the most of the free and inexpensive ways to create souvenirs and memories. When you return to your Kissimmee vacation villa, you can already start reliving some of the days great memories.

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