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Disney Packing Tips for Winter

The weather in Central Florida has resembled a lot of the roller coaster rides in the area recently, with lots of ups and downs in the temperatures. When you visit any time between November and March, you are likely to experience multiple ends of the thermometer. To make life a little easier, we’ve got some tips on what to pack for your winter visit to Disney World and the Kissimmee FL resorts like FantasyWorld. You’re going to need layers, but at least you’ve got plenty of space at FantasyWorld.

While it’s likely to be warmer than where you’re visiting from, with a few exceptions, Florida does get chilly sometimes. What you’re likely to find is that it’s cool or downright cold in the early mornings and evenings, but much warmer during the day when the sun is shining. That means you need to be prepared for shifts from low 30s/40s to the 70s or 80s, all in one day.

Mornings can be surprisingly chilly and almost frosty. If you drive, don’t leave your ice scraper at home. You may actually need it. Also, the cold in Florida is a humid cold, which makes it surprisingly cold, even if you’re used to cold weather. Plus, when the sun sets early, temperatures drop fast. If you don’t have some warmer layers, you’re likely to miss out on the evening activities — or spend a lot of money on some Disney sweatshirts! The parks clear out pretty quickly after the sun goes down, because a lot of people aren’t prepared. That’s yet another reason to pack smartly, because if you can stick around during the cooler weather, wait times drop considerably.

First off, pack a pair of pants, such as jeans. Yes, it’s Florida, but you’ll probably want them. At least make sure you have more than just shorts, because you will probably feel cold at some point. If you’re a skirt fan, pack leggings to wear underneath.

For your tops, consider thin thermal shirts that help keep body heat close to the skin, without being bulky, especially under other layers. In some cases, this and a T-shirt will easily get you through the daylight hours. For the evenings, you may want 800-fill down coats, in part because they pack down easily and don’t take up much room, but they’re also warmer than fleece, which you may appreciate at night. The coats can be pricey, so it’s a good idea to track the weather and see what it’s going to be like while you’re there, so you can decide between a good fleece jacket or one of these down coats.

You may want a hat to help keep you warm while standing in line. If you don’t want to deal with a hat, consider a fleece jacket or another coat with a hood so you at least have an option.

Don’t forget your hands, too! Touchscreen gloves are ideal so you can post your Instragram photos while standing in line and still keep your hands warm. Another item that may seem crazy for Florida, but really does come in handy when standing in line is a pair of hand warmers to keep in your pockets. You’ll probably be glad to have them at some point.

Finally, a few things you may want to take with you to the park for a more comfortable experience are rain ponchos and thin thermal blankets. Central Florida is the thunderstorm capital of the world and while the storms are often short, they do happen somewhat regularly, so even a disposable rain poncho will come in handy if a sudden storm comes on before you can get to cover. Also there are great thermal blankets that are very thin, making them easy to fit in a bag. They can come in handy if you’re feeling extra chilly in the evening, but they’re also great for providing a warm, soft spot for sitting.

The weather really can change from day to day and even from morning to afternoon to evening. Thin layers, rather than bulky items are your best bet, because they can be taken off and stored in a bag or backpack during the day when it’s warmer, but are there when you need them. A thermal shirt, some long-sleeve layers, fleece, a windbreaker, a hat, and gloves are probably your must-haves. Scarves, thick socks, and other items depend on your personal preferences. Just be prepared to work with layers throughout the whole day and you’ll be better suited to enjoying your outing.

Plus, when you get back to FantasyWorld, one of the great Kissimmee FL resorts, you’ve got a washer and dryer right in your villa, so you can clean items as needed, rather than having to pack lots of multiples. Don’t forget the sunscreen, too! You’re going to be outside all day and it’s a must-have, even in the winter.

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