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Disney Experiences to Share With Grandparents

A trip to Disney is a wonderful experience for multiple generations of a family. Kids, parents, and grandparents enjoy the magic that is part of any visit, no matter the age. If you’re planning a family trip, be sure to make reservations at FantasyWorld, a leading resort in Kissimmee FL with spacious vacation villas to fit everyone! You’ll be well-rested and ready for an array of wonderful  experiences.

For many grandparents, a trip to Disney is a trip down memory lane. Classic rides like the Mad Tea Party teacups, Dumbo, and It’s a Small World may be a first for the grandkids, but will bring back fond memories for the grandparents. Getting to share the ride with the grandkids relives old memories and makes special new ones.

Meeting the characters is often an event filled with excitement for children, and parents and grandparents love seeing the faces of children lighting up when they get to meet their favorites. Take some pictures, but also just take in the moment of wonder and happiness.

Everyone loves a parade and it’s a good time to take a break and chat with the grandkids as you wait for the parade to start. Grab a Mickey Ice Cream Bar or some popcorn and spend the free time talking about what the kids have enjoyed the most so far during the visit. If you don’t have time to chat before the parade, take a ride on the monorail and use that time to chat or just snuggle if they’re getting sleepy.

Grandparents are made for spoiling the grandkids and a fun way to do it is to let them pick a special souvenir from the gift shops. They’ll love the chance to choose something special and will have a wonderful reminder of their trip and of their grandparents.

There’s something for everyone and all ages at Disney World, so embrace the magic and wonder and let your grandkids see you having just as much fun as they are! You’ll build lasting memories for the whole family. Plus, a stay at the FantasyWorld resort in Kissimmee FL offers more fun and entertainment for the whole family, so book your reservations today!

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