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Disney Essentials to Buy Before Your Trip

A trip to Disney can often require some careful budgeting. One great place to start your planning before your trip is with a Disney vacation package at FantasyWorld Resort, a leading resort in Kissimmee FL. Our spacious and fully equipped vacation villas, complete with a full kitchen, are a great way to plan ahead and save some money so you can spend a little more at the Magic Kingdom. Here are some other Disney essentials to purchase in advance to avoid paying full park prices.

Even if you’re from a Southern state, you may not fully realize just how hot and relentless the sun can be. Rather than buying certain protective items in the park, where prices will always be the highest, plan ahead and buy essentials before you go, or at least buy them at a local grocery or drug store. Among the must-haves are high SPF sunscreen, including the types for kids, aloe vera and/or tea tree oil to soothe inevitable burns, circular brim hats, sunglasses, and moisture-wicking clothing is possible.

You should also plan for the almost daily short thundershowers. You can almost set your watch by them, and while you should head indoors during a thunderstorm, you might want to pack some items like rain ponchos, and even rubber slip-on shoes to stop your regular shoes from getting wet. While Disney certainly sells raincoats/ponchos, they’re much more expensive. Plus, if you buy your own colorful ones, you’ll be able to spot your family more easily!

Disney food is notoriously pricey and the lines can sometimes be long, so it’s a good idea to pack some heat-proof snacks to enjoy between meals and stave off the “hangry” tantrums children and adults alike can get! Our full FantasyWorld kitchens make this easier. Don’t forget to take a thermos water bottle for everyone and use it to refill at various food kiosks and more where water is free. It’s important to stay hydrated in the warm sun.

There are also more fun items that are better to purchase before your trip than shell out big bucks at the park. An autograph book for your kids when they meet their favorite characters is a fun and inexpensive thing to prepare. You can always decorate the cover of a simple notepad to personalize it. If your children want to dress in costumes, your wallet will thank you if you purchase one ahead of time at a much lower price than you’ll find at the park. The same goes for many Disney T-shirts. You can still buy some at the park, but this will save you money in the long run.

Disney trading pins are a popular item and you can find some for less at the Disney Store Outlet. If your kids haven’t started trading, but want to, you can purchase a starter pack and lanyard and save around $15 per kid. Plus, if you have lanyards leftover from trade shows and conferences, make the most of them!

These are a few things to pack in advance. Other items can include special pouches for ear buds, glow-sticks, hand sanitizer, first-aid kits, chargers, and even Mouse ears! Make a list of what you need/want to help you decide what you want to pack beforehand and what you’re willing to purchase in-park. Just be sure you make your reservations for FantasyWorld, an exciting resort in Kissimmee FL where you can enjoy a water park, games, crafts, movie night, and so much more for all ages.

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