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Discover the New Universal Epic Universe

What started as a doodle on a napkin will become Universal Epic Universe, the most immersive and innovative park ever built, opening in 2025. As you start planning your trip to this fantastical new theme park, make sure you reserve one of the FantasyWorld Resort’s vacation villas in Kissimmee. These homes away from home are an ideal base for visiting any of the theme parks.

Epic Universe is Universal Orlando Resort’s fourth theme park, built on 750 acres of land, just a few miles from the other Universal theme parks. Guests will arrive directly at the new park, which will be filled with expansive, vivid worlds, with awe-inspiring attractions, entertainment, dining and more. Inspired by the exploration of unknown worlds, the theme park puts guests into five fully-themed worlds.

The five different worlds are all connected through Celestial Park, the first world guests encounter once they’ve walked through the Emerald Gate and the Chronos device at the entrance to Epic. In this universe, Chronos is a giant machine used to harness the energy of the Universe that powers all of Celestial Park, opening portals to other worlds. The four portals are tall, obelisk-like structures that take you into the other fully-themed, immersive worlds. Those worlds are The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Ministry of Magic, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, How to Train Your Dragon — Isle of Berk, and Dark Universe.

Magic, monsters, dragons, adventure, and more will be found throughout the Epic Universe, with something for all ages to enjoy. At the center is Celestial Park, a world between worlds, where everything begins and ends. Full of lush greenery – putting the park back into theme parks – and stunning light displays, you can enjoy rides ranging from special carousels to dueling comet roller coasters. There are also excellent dining options, shopping, and even Astronomica, an interactive wet-play attraction designed as a compass rose that points to the portals and attractions around Epic. 

Full of visual delights and exciting thrills and much more, Epic Universe is meant to truly create a whole new world of theme parks. Opening in early 2025, start making your plans to visit this exciting new universe of entertainment and be sure to reserve one of FantasyWorld Resort’s spacious vacation villas in Kissimmee

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