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Discover the Best Times to Visit Disney in 2020

For many people, any time is a good time to visit Disney World. Plus, with FastPass+ and other tips and tricks for skipping lines, even the busier seasons can be more manageable. Still, if you’d prefer visiting when the crowds are a little bit smaller, there are certain times that are better than others, although be aware that crowds are always going to be there. That’s just a Disney fact. Still, here are some tips to help you determine the best time for you and your family to visit this year. To give yourself some breathing room after a day at the parks, make sure you reserve one of the Fantasy World vacation villas in Kissimmee Florida. You won’t regret it!

Realistically, if you have kids and want to visit when crowds are smaller, you need to be willing to take your kids out of school to do so. No judgement there! Some of those special trips can create great memories that your children will remember and treasure even into adulthood. The point is that it’s best to choose a time when schools are in, as the crowds grow when schools are out. Be careful around spring time, as many schools have varying dates for spring break, so you could easily get caught up in crowds nonetheless. Holidays, even single-day holidays, tend to see an influx of crowds. Weekends are always peak crowds.

Of course, with smaller crowds, there are sometimes shorter opening hours at the parks and some special events aren’t always held on a daily basis, such as Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom, Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Rivers of Light at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. On the other hand, during the busy days, park hours are longer and some shows have multiple performances. It’s up to you and your ability to handle crowds.

While in theory your goal may to be avoid large crowds, there’s also the other side of the coin in which large crowds are drawn to special events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. These are popular events for a reason and you may find them enough of a draw to deal with the crowds. We also can’t forget the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The phased opening helped manage crowds, but now that the land and the rides are open, crowds are going to be bigger, especially during the first half of the year. Still, there’s a whole new Star Wars land to explore!

In general, the worst times to visit any of the parks is throughout June, July and the first half of August. September, when most kids have returned to school is among the best times to visit, though there are occasional rain showers. Fortunately, they often clear up quite quickly and often seem to happen at the same time each day, so you can plan around them or sit them out for a break in between rides. They’re a great time for a pick-me-up treat.

Overall, for slightly smaller crowds but still decent park hours and entertainment, the following dates are among the best time to visit this year:

  • 13-16, Jan 27-Feb. 13
  • 25-27, and the first week of March
  • The second half of April
  • Weekdays in the first half of May
  • The second half of August
  • Most weekdays in September and October
  • Weekdays in November and December (minus the week of Thanksgiving and the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Eve)

As you plan your trip, think about what is most important to see and experience for the whole family. It may mean going on certain busier days, or you may be able to take advantage of some of the slightly less crowded days. What you and your family can handle is up to you. At least choosing one of the spacious vacation villas in Kissimmee Florida at Fantasy World gives you plenty of space and even your own full kitchen to go home to each day and relax and unwind, with plenty of space to spread out. It can go a long way to making any crowds more bearable.

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