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Baby Travel Gear to Maximize Your Vacation

While travelling with babies and small children does take extra planning, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience and surprisingly easy with the right travel gear. If you’re planning a trip to one of the resorts in Kissimmee FL this year to visit the theme parks and other attractions, these travel gear items are sure to make your trip more comfortable and stress-free for everyone.

One of the most important pieces you can have is a travel stroller. Whether you’re driving or flying, this lighter-weight stroller makes travel easier and is ideal at your travel destination. Particularly when flying it is important to remember that airport security rules say that you have to check any stroller that weighs over 20 pounds. Some theme parks also have their own stroller size restrictions, so make sure you find a stroller that meets all of those conditions. You don’t want to check a stroller and have to carry your child and all your bags through the airport or rent a stroller at the parks. Look for travel strollers with under-seat storage to make it easy to carry snacks, a change of clothing, etc. Strollers that recline also come in handy when the little one needs a nap.

A lightweight travel crib or playpen is another great item to have on hand. While the Fantasy World villas are spacious, it’s always nice to know exactly where your child is and to give them a safe place to play and nap. Be sure to get your child used to the crib before you go so that it feels like home in an unfamiliar setting.

Another handy item is a sleep sack that reduces the need for packing lots of blankets. Look for one with natural materials that help to regulate your child’s body temperature. This can be handy on flights and even in hotel rooms, restaurants, and other places, especially in Florida where the air-conditioning may often be turned on high.

Packing cubes are another must-have, particularly while travelling. Pack specific items in specific cubes and label them or choose different colors, etc., so that you can quickly reach through any luggage, large or small, and find exactly what you need, such as a change of pants or shirt.

While the villas at Fantasy World do have their own washer and dryer, you don’t want to spend your vacation doing unnecessary laundry or having to pack extra items to get you through more days. For example, purchase just a couple of silicone bibs that can easily be washed in hot soapy water and dry quickly. While you’re out, just throw the bib in a wet/dry bag until you get back to your room. Oh, and don’t forget to pack multiple wet/dry bags so you can have designated ones for diapers versus soiled clothes and bibs, which helps contain messes.

Diaper bags and changing pads are a must, even when you’re just out and about around town. When you’re traveling, they’re really important. Consider a diaper bag backpack that leaves your hands free while still providing plenty of space for the necessities, as well as your phone, wallet, water bottle, park maps, etc. Also consider a changing pad that helps keep baby’s arms contained and prevents them from rolling around too much, especially if you’re having to change their diaper in a less than sanitary location.

These are just a few of the accessories that make travel with a baby or young ones much easier. Just as important is staying in one of the resorts in Kissimmee FL, like Fantasy World, where you have a full kitchen, multiple bedrooms, and a washer and dryer in the villa. Being able to prepare food, do laundry, and have space for the whole family will reduce stress and allow everyone to enjoy their vacation.

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