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Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained Waiting in Line at Disney

Playing With Colored Dough
What can I do to keep my kids entertained while waiting in line at Disney? This is a common question for any parents planning a visit to the Disney World theme parks. Kids are anxious to go on the next ride and the warm temperatures and tiring days can make even the best-behaved child cranky. Before leaving one of the Kissimmee Florida resorts for the day, make sure you’ve packed a few of these small, lightweight items to keep your kids entertained during the wait for the next ride.

Pipe cleaners may seem old school in this day of smartphones and tablets, but a handful of pipe cleaners are a fun way to keep kids occupied, without taking up a lot of space in your bag. Kids can let their creativity flow and bend into a variety of shapes and ideas. They can make their own Mickey Mouse shapes, bracelets, springs, and much more.

Another creative option is Play-Doh. You can purchase this fun, tactile toy in small containers, perfect for just enough to keep kids entertained in line. If you have multiple children, consider purchasing the same color of dough to prevent arguments.

Kissimmee Florida resorts such as Fantasy World offer the convenience of a full kitchen in their villas. This is a great way to prepare and pack some easy snacks that you can take with you. Everyone gets a little grumpy when they’re tired and hungry, so if you can all enjoy a nice snack while you wait in line, it will help pass the time and will tide you over a bit longer until your next meal.

Mad Libs are a fun way to pass the time and you may even find you and your kids making friends as others in line inevitably get drawn into this entertaining word game. The final stories are always a great laugh and may inspire your kids to create their own wacky stories while they wait in line.

Finally, if you’re going to be in the park at dusk or in the evening, considering taking along some light-up toys. You can purchase some at the parks, of course, but they tend to be much more expensive. After a long, tiring day, these toys may be just the distraction your kids need to make it through the last wait of the day.

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