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A Whole New Jurassic World of Treats at Universal

When a new Jurassic World film is released, it’s no surprise that Universal Orlando will ensure a few tie-ins to appeal to their guests. In this case, many of the extras are talon-licking good! A variety of tasty treat tie-ins are available to celebrate Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the latest film in the Jurassic universe. If you’re a family of dinophiles staying at the Fantasy World resort in Kissimmee FL, you won’t want to miss these special offerings. Plus, Fantasy World offers special theme park packages for Universal Orlando, to help you make the most of your visit.

While much of the Jurassic films seems to involve dinosaurs eating dinosaurs or dinosaurs eating people, the new tasty treats at Universal are specifically designed for human enjoyment. At the Islands of Adventure park, there are two eateries offering special delights. At Burger Digs and Thunder Falls, inside the IOA’s Jurassic Park, you’ll find a mouth-watering Raptor Egg, a white chocolate egg with chocolate-chip cream and chocolate cake in a buttercream nest.

If that’s a bit rich for your tastes, there’s still the delicious sugar cookie with the Jurassic logo available at Pizza Predattoria. This is the perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack that will give you a nice sugar push to enjoy more of the attractions.

Blue, one of the new dinosaurs showing up in the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom film, is making appearances in both the theme park and in some of the pastry cases at Voodoo Doughnut at Universal CityWalk. Known as the Raptor Claw, this doughnut has a raspberry filling, chocolate icing and blue sprinkles in honor of the newest dinosaur.

These sweet treats are a fun addition to the Jurassic World at Universal Orlando. Of course, there is plenty of Jurassic merchandise to take home with you, not to mention chances to see Blue right there in the park.

Take advantage of the theme park vacation packages available through Fantasy World, a fantastic resort in Kissimmee FL. Not only will you have easy access to all of the Jurassic attractions, thanks to scheduled transportation to the major theme parks, you’ll also have plenty of entertainment right in the resort, ranging from sports and water parks to crafts and trivia games and much much more. Make your reservations today!

**Pardon Our Dust. Fantasy World Resort is planning well in advance for our next projects. We will be spending some time refurbishing our lap pool, lazy river, water slides and kiddie splash pad at the end of this summer. The smaller lap pool will be closed as of Aug 20, 2018, for approximately 2 weeks. Since this is an outside project we will have to depend on the weather and cannot give an exact date for completion. Our guests will still be able to enjoy the main pool, lazy river and water slides. On Sept 4, 2018 (or when the first project is complete) the lazy river, water slides and kiddie splash pad will be closed for refurbishment. This is a bigger project and we expect this project will take a month to complete. The main pool and lap pool will remain open at this time. You’ll still find plenty to keep you entertained throughout the refurbishment!

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