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6 Tips to Keep Track of Your Kids on Vacation

villas in Kissimmee Florida
One of the best things about a Central Florida vacation is the abundance of attractions that offer fun things for the whole family. Whether you’re just enjoying the amenities at Fantasy World Vacation villas in Kissimmee Florida or you’re on a family outing to one of the theme parks, these tips will help you keep track of your kids.

  • Identify a meet-up location. As soon as you walk through the gate, before anyone goes their separate ways, identify a meeting place where you’ll return to if someone gets lost or needs help. The surrounding area should be safe and, if possible, located near one of the park’s customer service facilities. Be sure everyone knows where that place is.
  • Assign buddies and stay in pairs. No one goes off alone; everyone has a designated buddy. Adults should be assigned to the youngest children; teens can be assigned to each other.
  • Have a way to communicate. If your kids do not have their own cell phones, consider a set of inexpensive walkie-talkies to use while in the theme parks or around the villas in Kissimmee Florida.
  • Show younger children who they can safely approach. Tell the little ones how to identify park employees and security personnel (name badges, uniforms) and tell them that if they get separated from you, they should reach out to an employee for help.
  • All kids should have your cell phone number. Every child, no matter the age, should have your cell phone number with them in writing, even if they have it memorized. You can make bracelets with the number, or you can just write the number on the child’s arm with a marker; it will wash off.
  • Wear a common color. If everyone is wearing a t-shirt or hat that is the same bright color, it will be easy for you to spot each other in crowds.
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