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Tips for Holiday Travel

As with most travel these days, no one looks forward to the trip, just the destination. Bumper-to-bumper traffic and long security lines at airports are just a few of the typical nightmares. Yet the holidays are one of the busiest travel times of the year. With everyone travelling to make it to their destination on the same days, the regular hassles can become overwhelming. At least staying in a vacation resort in Kissimmee helps make up for some of the stress, and if you follow these tips, your travel might go just a little smoother.

Work schedules make travel planning difficult, but whenever possible, try to avoid peak travel times. If you’re driving, leaving at a ridiculously early hour in the morning may help you miss the worst of some of the rush-hours, particularly if you can set it so you’ll miss major cities during their rush hour. Early or late flights are another way of standing a better chance of avoiding long lines.

When flying, think about the days that you’d find most convenient to travel and then try to avoid those, since that’s usually when everyone else is travelling to get the most of long weekends. If at all possible, consider flying on the actual holiday, with an early flight. That may be more difficult with young children, but it can work with older kids, especially if the end destination is somewhere like Fantasy World.

Similarly, look at surrounding airports. Not only are some smaller airports less likely to be overwhelmed, but they can also save you a considerable amount of money with cheaper flights. Use alternate-day and alternate-airport search parameters when you’re looking at your flight options. You could end up with a great deal that involves less stress.

Ideally, try to get direct flights whenever possible. However, if you do have a layover, make sure you allow plenty of time between connecting flights. One weather delay — which is often a reality during the holidays — can throw off your whole schedule. So be generous with the time you allow between flights. It’s better to sit there a little longer than miss your connecting flight.

Before you get to the airport, make sure you are familiar with all of the requirements for luggage, from costs for checked luggage to size of carry on luggage. Don’t forget to make sure any liquids are in the appropriate size and see-through bag. If you’re taking gifts, don’t wrap them ahead of time. Gift bags are your best bet, otherwise they’re likely to be unwrapped going through security and inspection.

Finally, be prepared. Make sure you have any travel ID, tickets, schedules and similar items printed out in advance or, even better, loaded up on the appropriate apps on your phone. Also make sure you have the address and phone number of your vacation resort in Kissimmee, your car rental company, the airline, pet sitters, and family and friends you may be meeting. And get gas the night before! You’ll be glad you did. With some planning and maybe an earlier wake-up call, holiday travel may not be so bad. Happy travels!

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