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Thrills Beyond the Theme Parks

There’s certainly no shortage of thrilling rides at the various theme parks in Central Florida, but you can enjoy even more thrills beyond the parks. In fact, you’ll find plenty that are close to FantasyWorld Resort and their luxurious villas in Kissimmee.

International Drive has long been a great location for a variety of fun and entertainment. The ICON Park entertainment complex offers a variety of thrills and thrilling views. For thrill seekers, check out the Orlando StarFlyer. Not only is it the tallest ride in Orlando; it’s the tallest swing ride in the world, towering over the area at 450 feet!  The two-seater swings move up and down the tower as they spin, offering amazing views of downtown Orland. This isn’t just a swing, though, they can spin at up to 60 mph for a breathtaking experience!

For Instagram-worthy photos, as well as a fantastic way to see the sights in air-conditioned comfort, the ICON Park is also home to The Wheel, a luminous, 400-foot-tall centerpiece of the park. The comfortable capsules offer a more relaxed way to take in the views, including Universal Orlando and SeaWorld.

An experience to remember is hang-gliding at Wallaby Ranch, the first full-time aerotow hang gliding flight park in the world. An experienced instructor accompanies you on a tandem discovery flight that soars 2,000 feet in the air as you’re pulled by an ultra-light towplane. Then, with the help of the instructor, you get to experience free flying over 100 acres of beautiful woodland, ponds and lakes, and nature trails.

Finally, for adrenaline junkies, you can stay right in Kissimmee and try the world’s tallest SkyCoaster at Fun Spot America, with two locations in Kissimmee and Orlando. The larger SkyCoaster, standing at 300 feet tall, is at Fun Spot Kissimmee, a short drive from FantasyWorld. This rip-roaring ride sees you ascend to the top in a body harness, and then it’s time for an exhilarating free-fall sensation as if you were jumping out of a plane. If you’re not quite sure about the full free-fall experience, the Kissimmee location also has a seated SkySled option. Either way, you get to have some thrills, soar over the area, and take in natural scenery, as well as some of the main tourism spots.

These are just a few of the exciting, thrill-seeking options available. You can also take helicopter rides, hot-air balloon rides, and even rides in small planes where you may just get the opportunity to take control for a while! After a day full of excitement, come back and relax in FantasyWorld’s spacious vacation villas in Kissimmee, where you’ll still find more fun activities within the resort, including water slides and more. So book your reservation today!

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