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Six Car Trip Games for Kids

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Are we there yet, mom? Are we there yet, dad? Are we there yet? As kids we probably all asked that eternal question on even the shortest of car trips, and now as parents, we’re on the receiving end. Car trips start off fun, but soon feel monotonous and boring, even for adults. If you’re planning a car trip to one of the resorts in Kissimmee this summer, here are a few games to keep the kids entertained and which the parents might even enjoy as well.

Spot the Rainbow
Work your way through the colors of the rainbow by having your kids spot items that are a certain color. Starting with red, have them work together to find 10 items that are red. Then work your way through the rest of the colors of the rainbow.

License Plate Stories
Using the letters in license plates, have your kids come up with a sentence using those letters. For example, LPZ= Lions Prefer Zebras.

Twenty Questions
This classic is fun for the whole family. One person thinks of an object, person, or animal and the rest have only 20 questions to figure out what it is. The questions have to be worded for only yes or no answers.

Pick a topic, such as countries, food, animals, etc., and have everyone go through the alphabet naming one appropriate thing for each letter. For example, foods: apples, berries, carrots, dip, etc.

Story Time
This is particularly good for long drives without a lot of changing scenery. Start with a house you may pass, or even another car you may pass, and start creating a story about the people in the house or the car. What do they do for work? How did they meet? How many kids do they have? What is their favorite food? Where do they go on vacation? With a long trip, you can get into lots of details like their family pets, if they snore, what sports they play, if they’re afraid of rollercoasters, etc.

Spelling Bee
This one is good for a variety of ages, simply by adjusting the difficulty according to each child’s level. It’s also good for short and long drives. If you’re heading out from one of the resorts in Kissimmee to see the attractions in Orlando, this is a quick and easy way to pass the time. Simply give each child a word and have them spell it out. If you have multiple kids, try doing rounds of the best out of three or five.

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