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Shopping Smart on Vacation

You’ve survived the packing and travel, you’re checked into one of the great Kissimmee vacation villas at Fantasy World, and the sun is shining. You’re ready to hit the attractions and make the most of every moment of your vacation. And if that includes some shopping for yourself and for the friends and family back home, all the better! However, instead of buying every cheap, kitschy items you come across, shop smart so that you can get items that you’ll treasure instead of tossing after six months or less.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a few souvenir T-shirts to your wardrobe, whether they’re from your trip to Disney or your day spent in Daytona. You’ll probably wear them and remember your vacation, but another option is to find a few wardrobe items that you can incorporate into your personal style. Maybe a special handbag, scarf, or hat found in a small local boutique, made by a local artist, is a more stylish way of remembering your trip.

Piles of postcards often get purchased and then never looked at again. Once again, consider exploring some of the options from local artists. As well as painters capturing the coastal beauty of Florida, you can also find glassworkers who create beautiful windchimes and other real works of art that you will admire and value for years to come.

In general, try to avoid the big souvenir shops, or if you have to have something Mickey related, look around for something that you can hang up or put on display in your home, instead of throwing your money away on something that will just get packed up in a box of other forgotten souvenirs. Of course, sometimes the kitschy items are exactly what you and your friends want. A magnet or shot glass to round out a collection is fine, as long as you know it will be appreciated. Otherwise, try to put a little more thought into the souvenirs you purchase for friends and family.

Finally, don’t forget to keep the size of your luggage in mind. That wrought-iron flamingo sculpture may be perfect for your garden, but will it really fit in your luggage? Having to scramble and spend money on extra luggage (and luggage weight) may drastically increase the cost of that splurge. If you find something that you absolutely must have, see if the seller will ship it to your home or visit a shipping company like FedEx or DHL to avoid the hassles of getting it through the airport.

When you stay at the Fantasy World Kissimmee vacation villas, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy your purchases. Just make sure you’re spending your hard-earned money on pieces that will make you smile for years to come.

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