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Road Trips Boredom Busters for Kids

Kissimmee resortsIf you have kids and you’re planning to drive to your choice of Kissimmee resorts for your vacation, these ideas for keeping the kids occupied will make those hours in the car pass faster and everyone will arrive happier.

  • Kid-rated movies and television shows. Bring a supply of on-screen entertainment for your vehicle’s back-seat screens or your phone, tablets or laptops. Just be sure that if more than one youngster is watching the same thing, the screen is placed so everyone can see it clearly. Headsets are also a good idea if kids are watching different shows.
  • Electronic games. Choose from tiny digital game devices to full-size gaming systems or games that can be played on cell phones. These games can also be used for entertainment after you arrive at your Kissimmee resorts vacation destination.
  • License plate lingo. This is a simple game that can provide hours of entertainment. Let the kids take turns explaining the meaning of letters on selected cars’ license plates. For example, GBL might stand for “great big lion” or “goofy brown labyrinth.” Make it a contest and award the winner a silly prize.
  • Quiet game. Challenge the kids to see who can be the quietest the longest. Consider a simple prize for the winner.
  • Where are we? Give each youngster a map and have them mark off the towns and cities as you pass them. This game eliminates the “are we there yet?” chant.
  • Animal spotting. Who can spot the most animals? Assign one person the task of writing down who spots what and then give a prize to the child who spotted the most at the next rest stop.
  • Sing-alongs. Get some music CDs or tune into a kid-friendly channel on your satellite radio and have fun singing as a group.
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