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How to Pack Your Car for a Road Trip

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When it comes to travel during the holidays, a road trip can often be the wisest decision. With the inevitable extra luggage that comes from Christmas presents — presents that can’t be wrapped ahead of time if you fly — it makes sense spatially and especially financially. Plus, when you’re staying at one of the spacious Kissimmee resorts like Fantasy World, you can then use your car to get out and explore all that Central Florida has to offer. Whether it’s a short day trip or a longer haul, here are some car-packing tips to make the most of your space.

First off, make sure everyone in the family has a small “carry-on” bag of their own. This should include any reading materials, toys, games, and electronics they’ll need to get them through the trip. Keep the bag small, though, because you don’t want to take up too much leg room.

The main console of your vehicle, between the driver and front passenger, is the perfect place to store electronics chargers, tissues, wet wipes, napkins, and a first-aid kit, or any important medicines.

A small cooler that can sit behind the console on the floor in between the backseat passengers is a great way to store snacks and other food you’ll want during your journey. This helps you avoid too much junk food and helps with any special dietary needs. Plus, you can snack as you’re hungry and not have to wait for a convenient exit. If you’re travelling with multiple kids, you may want to create individual snack packs for everyone to ensure there are no complaints that someone ate more than their share.

Next to the food cooler you should also have some sort of trash bag so that wrappers and other trash is less likely to migrate to locations deep under the seats. Specially designed storage bags that hang over the backs of seats can also be used to hold everything from garbage to extra toys and other distractions. You can purchase ones with multiple sizes of pockets that are also good for holding tablets.

By carefully arranging items that you’ll need during the trip — and making sure they’re within easy reach of all who need them — you can then leave the rest of your vehicle for storing luggage, Christmas presents, and any special holiday decorations you want to take with you. Your stay at one of the Kissimmee resorts will have more of the comforts of home, along with all of the spectacular amenities and entertainment options that will make your trip fun for all.

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