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Must-have Apps For Long Car Rides

Road trips and summertime are made for each other. With the windows open, maybe even the top down, or at least the sunroof open, it’s hard not to feel ready for any sort of adventure. However, when the miles start to add up and you find yourself in need of some distractions, don’t worry, there’s an app for that. If you’re planning a road trip to one of the Kissimmee FL resorts like Fantasy World, make sure you add some of these apps to your phone or tablet.

Radio stations come and go on long drives and you can never be sure what you’ll be able to find. While you can create your own playlist, you may find that with the Spotify app, you’ll have a lot more options, no matter your mood. While there are free versions, Spotify Premium is available for just $9.99 a month. That means no commercials, playlists and podcasts galore, and you can stream without using your data, which is particularly handy on the road. Plus, if you have a mix of ages in the car, everyone can have a turn.

If you’re feeling more literary, download Audible. If there’s a book you and your friends have all wanted to read, why not listen to it together on your drive? It’s like having your own portable book club and you don’t have to worry about spoilers as you’re on the same page.

Whether you have Apple or Android, Podbean is a free podcast app that serves up a feast of podcast options. Choose from the hilarious Thirst Aid Kit perfect for a girls trip or the classic This American Life good for all ages, and much more in between. You’ll have plenty of fascinating podcasts to keep you entertained, no matter what subject you choose.

Are you a trivia buff? There are a number of trivia game options available for both Androids and Apples. FunBlast Trivia Free and Blast Trivia both cover a wide range of topics with everything from politics to pop culture. You can play on your own or with multiple players and the miles will fly by as you test your knowledge.

Finally, for families with younger children who are embarking on a road trip to one of the Kissimmee FL resorts like Fantasy World, one of the best old-school word games finally has an app. That’s right, Mad Libs is available as an app and it’s just as funny as ever. You’ll be laughing all the way to Kissimmee.

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