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LEGOLAND(R) Florida Resort is happy to announce its reopening. If you’ve been planning a Central Florida vacation, you’ll be happy to know that Legoland is now open again, and Fantasy World, one of the top resorts in Kissimmee FL, is a great place to stay if you’re going to be visiting this 150-acre family theme park with more than 50 kid-friendly rides, shows and attractions that celebrate the legendary toy building bricks.

Legoland’s theme park and water park reopened on June 1 with some additional changes to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all visitors. The measures are in line with government guidance and the requirements of local health authorities. Some will be obvious, while others are done behind the scenes to maintain everyone’s well-being. There are also some changes that require extra planning from guests before visiting.

For example, it’s best to check the website and apps before leaving on your vacation, to stay up to date. The park has gone cashless, so make sure you have credit or debit cards at the ready for any and all purchases. It’s also recommended that you purchase your ticket before arrival to avoid the Admissions Window. For those who had already purchased tickets for use during the closure, any unused tickets that were valid during this period (excluding FLEX tickets) will be valid for the rest of 2020 with no additional fees. You do not need to request a date change. Please be aware of entry restrictions based on current health and recent travel, details of which can be found on the park’s website. Before entry, non-invasive temperature readings will be performed on both guests and employees to ensure the well-being of all.

At the park, it is requested that everyone over the age of two wear a face mask. You can use your own or disposable masks available for pick-up on-site. Of course, enhanced cleaning measures are taking place throughout the day, disinfecting high-frequency touch points, such as tables and chairs, service counters, LEGO® Bricks, ride restraints, door handles and more. There are also more hygiene stations/hand sanitizer dispensers around the park, all of which can easily be located with the app. In addition, distancing measures have been implemented and will be encouraged by the staff to help keep everyone safe and happy.

While some changes and reconfigurations have been made, the goal of Legoland is still to provide guests with a truly memorable experience. Fantasy World, one of the outstanding resorts in Kissimmee FL, is also taking extra precautions to ensure your stay is happy and healthy. Plus, Fantasy World has special Legoland vacation packages available that will save you money and make your visit more enjoyable. Book one of the vacation villas today at Fantasy World and choose the Legoland package to celebrate the reopening of this family favorite.

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