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Five Tips for Airplane Travel with Kids

Five Tips for Airplane Travel with Kids
Most parents dread the thought of traveling by air with children. Long lines, long hours, little space, and loud noises combine to create an atmosphere that makes even the calmest adult cranky, so it should come as no surprise that young children, especially those between 10 months and three years, soon lose patience. At least if you’re traveling to one of the best resorts in Florida, such as Fantasy World, you know that you can relax in plenty of space and have lots of ways to keep your kids entertained. Here are some tips on airplane travel with kids to keep the frustration to a minimum.

  1. New, new and new. Unless there are certain toys that your child won’t go anywhere without, when it comes to travel, the newer the toys the better. Brand new toys will keep children distracted for much longer than toys they’ve already played with. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Even new coloring books and a new box of triangle crayons, and maybe some new books will help pass the time.
  2. Surprises galore. Even if every toy isn’t brand new, you can make toys feel a little more special by wrapping them up. Try letting them pick a new toy to unwrap every hour – or as needed. Even simple toys like pipe cleaners suddenly seem new and exciting if it’s a brand new pack that must be unwrapped. If you’re concerned about getting through airport security, try wrapping them in brown paper lunch sacks decorated with stickers. You could always surreptitiously tape them closed before handing them over to the kids.
  3. There’s an app for that. Not every parent wants to hand smartphones and tablets over to their kids for hours, but regular rules can be set aside for the sake of a smooth journey. Download some special games, movies, and cartoons that you know your kids will enjoy. You may want to avoid anything with lots of songs if your child is likely to sing along loudly.
  4. Child-friendly headphones. It is best to figure out in advance what kind of headphones are best for your child. Some are fine with earbuds, but others may hate them. You may also want to consider noise-blocking headphones if loud noises disturb your child or make it difficult for them to sleep.
  5. Flight times matter. If your child is the type that can sleep anywhere, in any condition, red-eye flights may be ideal so that they can sleep through most of the trip. However, if even your regular sleeper gets worked up with new experiences, a morning flight, right after they’ve woken up, may keep them from getting too overtired or grumpy.

These are just a few ideas to make your traveling experience easier. Empty sippy cups, fruit pouches, wet wipes, and maybe even a change of clothing may also come in handy. You know your child best, so you know what is most likely to keep their attention where you want it and off of fellow passengers. When you arrive at Fantasy World, one of the best resorts in Florida, you can take a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy a setting certain to keep you and your children entertained throughout your visit.

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