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Decorating for the Holidays

Just because you’re staying in one of the Fantasy World resorts in Kissimmee FL this holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t decorate to make it feel more like home. After all, one of the many perks of the vacation villas at Fantasy World is their spaciousness, with full kitchens, room for six to sleep, sitting and dining areas, and more. There are plenty of fun ways to add some holiday decor to your space that doesn’t take up unnecessary luggage space or do any damage to the room. From stockings to mistletoe, you’ll be surprised at just how festive you can make your villa feel this holiday season.

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without a tree, but fortunately, there are a number of miniature trees available these days that even have their own lights and decorations. They pack up surprisingly small, so if you really want a tree to put gifts under for Christmas Day, this could be a surprisingly festive compromise. We also offer decorated Christmas trees to be put in our guest’s unit prior to their arrival!  Christmas tree rental includes: 6.5 ft Artificial Pine Tree with clear lights.  48” tree skirt – total: $100.  You can also add ornaments for an additional $20.00

On the other hand, if a tree isn’t a must-have, go for garlands and lights. From shimmery red metallic garlands mixed in with white fairy lights across the top of a sideboard or storage cabinet to multi-colored lights strung up around the refrigerator to green garlands with red ribbons strung around the dining area chandelier, there are plenty of easy ways to add holiday spirit.

Besides easy-to-pack items like garlands and battery-powered lights, pick up some special hanging decorations to hang from ceiling fan cords, light fixtures, and other areas. You could also make a point of searching out specific themed decorations from your trip to then take home and enjoy for years to come, along with all of the memories they bring to mind.

Christmas bowls, whether they’re glass, plastic, or fabric, are great to spread around the side tables, breakfast bar and other areas. Fill some with Christmas baubles and other with favorite holiday candies.

If you have kids, an advent calendar is a great way to keep the holiday spirit going when they’re away from home. You can purchase some or even make your own and the daily treat doesn’t need to be much more than a peppermint candy or small piece of chocolate.

If you’re not planning on a big gift exchange during your vacation, you can still hang out small stockings and fill them with treats, fun little travel games, and souvenirs from your vacation. They’re a fun, easy way to still make it feel like the holidays.

The vacation villas at Fantasy World have full kitchens and dining tables, so you could always still make your own Christmas Eve and Day dinners, even if you scale back a little. Some special holiday linens for the table, even if just a table runner, adds to the holiday fun without taking up a lot of space in your luggage.

Holiday scented candles are one way to bring in some festive associations, although if you’re worried about candles, instead go with scented pine cones to put in a Christmas bowl. You could always up the scent by adding some extra fragrance oils to them.

These are just a few of the ways to make your home away from home during the holidays feel special and festive. Take along your holiday cards and display them on countertops and don’t forget your favorite Christmas music playlists. You’ll find that the Fantasy World resorts in Kissimmee FL are the ideal place to feel at home for the holidays while also serving as a great starting point for a magical Christmas vacation.

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