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7 Tips to Help You Pack for Disney

Because a trip to Disney World involves being outdoors in the sun, usually in warm weather, walking all day, there are certain supplies that can make your experience more comfortable, especially with children. Comfortable shoes that are broken in, clothing that keeps you cool but still protects you against the sun, and plenty of sunscreen are all must-have items. However, we have a few other not so obvious suggestions to ensure you have a great time, and some of these can be used enjoying the variety of amenities at resorts in Kissimmee FL like FantasyWorld.

  • Handheld Fans. Florida is hot and humid, even in spring and autumn, and you’re going to be outside in the sun all day, so be sure to pack a few handheld fans that are USB chargeable. When you’re standing in long lines for rides, this can help keep everyone cool and calm.
  • Portable Charger. To keep your fans charged, as well as your phones, purchase a portable charger. Many are small enough to pack easily, with some even the size of a lipstick. With all the apps and photos, you’ll be glad you have one.
  • Waterproof Phone Case. There are some great waterproof, shock-resistant cell phone cases available that let you seal your phone up safely but still be able to use it. Whether at Disney or any of the theme parks, and even the water park at FantasyWorld, this will probably be a life saver!
  • Waterproof Backpack. Similarly, a waterproof backpack that can easily be folded up when not needed is a great idea if you plan on going on rides like Splash Mountain. This helps you avoid ending up with a soaked bag because you have to put it on the floor of the ride. It’s also lightweight and more resistant to dirt.
  • Filtered Water Bottle. Food and drinks aren’t cheap at Disney and it’s a good idea to pack some snacks of your own, especially with children. It’s also important to stay hydrated, so packing a filtered water bottle for every member of the family lets you quickly fill up at a water fountain, avoiding long lines, and big prices, even for a bottle of water.
  • Safety ID Band. If you have young children, you really should consider getting safety ID bands for them to wear. With the crowds and children getting excited when they see things and running off, these bands that contain your contact information can help get a child back faster. Better safe than sorry!
  • Travel Wallet. These wallets with zippered pouches that keep money, phones, ID, credit cards and more safe from pickpockets are great for any time you’re traveling. Meant to be worn over or under clothing, it’s an easy way to keep valuables safe and easily at hand.

As you plan your Disney vacation, think about items that will keep everything organized and help you keep your cool. Quick-dry towels, cooling towels, wide-brimmed sun hats, and blister balm are a few other ideas of things that can come in useful for everyone in the family, at the parks and at the resorts in Kissimmee FL like FantasyWorld. Book your vacation villa today!

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